The Woods family is a relatively new addition, created to accommodate the deluge of modern releases that have a dominant woody character without a chypre base. These fragrances feature rich and opulent notes of sandalwood and patchouli and the dry earthy notes of cedar and vetiver. They are distinguished from Woody Oriental fragrances by their lack of an oriental accord. The top notes of woody fragrances often feature lavender, citrus notes or other aromatic elements. This family also contains a bevy of fragrances built around a single woody material like vetiver fragrances, sandalwood fragrances, cedar fragrances and patchouli fragrances. As a brief aside, while there are a number of patchouli and sandalwood fragrances in this family, these woods tend to appear far more often in woody oriental compositions as they benefit from an oriental accord. Fragrances in this family are generally drier and display a pronounced lack of sweetness. It is also worth noting that those searching for something with a dark woody character without the decidedly 'perfumey' character of Chypres will be drawn to the Woods family.