FZOTIC: Vetiverissimo • Bruno Fazzolari
Bruno Fazzolari

Vetiverissimo • Bruno Fazzolari: FZOTIC

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House  Bruno Fazzolari: FZOTIC
Released  2018
Perfumer  Bruno Fazzolari
Fragrance Family  Woods : Classical
Notes  Spices, cedar, woody notes, vetiver, resins

Description  Vetiverissimo is a vetiver scent that Bruno Fazzolari developed for himself out of his love for this complex raw material. The fragrance uses subtle spices balanced with cedar to give lift and sparkle to the relaxed and grounding character of vetiver roots.

30 ml eau de parfum

1 ml eau de parfum sample

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FZOTIC: Vetiverissimo • Bruno Fazzolari