Midnight Datura Sample • Quartana
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Midnight Datura Sample • Quartana


Joseph Quartana has partnered with Fumerie Parfumerie to offer frees sample of Midnight Datura to twenty-five lucky customers. Each 2 ml sample is presented as a carded atomizer spray. The fragrance is inspired by datura, a material that has been used for centuries as a key ingredient in love potions. When consumed, datura is known to induce visions and a trance-like state. Purportedly imbued with aphrodisiac qualities, datura’s white flowers open at nighttime, glowing in the moonlight. Featuring ten flowers, we envisioned this fragrance to be a voluptuous super-floral tinged with a platinum luminosity, but a bit drunken due to the addition of dark rum. As it was used for Lunar worship, ours is an homage to Diana, goddess of the moon and hunt.

To receive your free sample of Midnight Datura, add this item to your cart, choose Midnight Datura Promo as your shipping option and complete the checkout process. Both the sample and the shipping are compliments of Joseph Quartana.

Please limit one sample per household. This offer is open to residents of the United States. Valid while supplies last. This is offer is good for one sample of Midnight Datura and complimentary shipping on said sample. You may not add other items to the order and take advantage of the complimentary shipping offer. Any additional items added to the order are subject to normal shipping charges.

2 ml eau de parfum sample

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Midnight Datura Sample • Quartana