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Fumerie Spring Sampler


Fumerie Samplers allow you to explore a wide range of unique and uncommon fragrances for a special low price. Samplers will be available quarterly to reflect seasonal offerings. These packs afford you the opportunity to explore fragrances that you may otherwise overlook. You might even discover a new favorite.

Our Spring sampler features 1 ml samples of the following fragrances. Only a limited amount of these samplers will be available per season.

fruity floral
Effervescent and fresh, this light and carefree pairing of rose and grapefruit is perfect for Spring.
Eau de Parfum

AEDES DE VENUSTAS  Aedes de Venustas
mossy woods
More than a fragrance, Aedes de Venustas is an experience. A stroll through a vegetable garden whereupon one’s skin is lightly graced with the scent of tomato leaf, rhubarb and wet earth. The sweetness of green apple and honeysuckle only serve to further enhance the deliciousness of the experience.
Eau de Parfum

FRANGIPANI  Ormonde Jayne
crisp floral
The treatment of this scent which is centered around the tropical flower frangipani, is dewy and fresh due in part to the inclusion of waterlily and orchid. The tuberose absolute in the heart gives this lovely fragrance a sense of lushness and depth.
Eau de Parfum

fresh green
Petitgrain, tonka bean and gaiac wood come together to evoke the Brazilian forest.
Eau de Parfum

St. Julep Edp  Imaginary Authors
fresh citrus
Sweet mint, magnolia, bourbon and sugar combine to evoke the experience of a Mint Julep in fragrance form. A wonderful unison of freshness and tranquility.
Eau de Parfum

Please note that the item pictured does not necessarily reflect the contents of this month's sampler. The actual samples contained in this month's sampler are listed in the corresponding descriptions.

5 × 1 ml samples (various concentrations)

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