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Fumerie Monthly Sampler


Fumerie Monthly Samplers allow you to explore a wide range of unique and uncommon fragrances for a special low price. Each month we will curate a sampler pack with new, exciting, season-appropriate fragrances. These packs afford you the opportunity to explore fragrances that you may otherwise overlook. You might even discover a new favorite.

Our March 2018 sampler features 1 ml samples of the following fragrances. It will be available from March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018.

AMBRE ROYAL  Ormonde Jayne
subtle amber
As a general rule, amber fragrances are not subtle. They are rich, heavy, sweet and resinous—the very apex of richness. This inherent intensity makes amber fragrances an attractive proposition for some and a bit too much for others. Enter Ambre Royal: an amber fragrance that doesn’t send the wearer tumbling headfirst into the honeypot. Instead, the fragrance stays transparent and airy with a floral heart of osmanthus, jasmine, rose and orchid with a shimmering woody base of cedar, patchouli and ambergris.
Eau de Parfum

ANUBIS  Papillon
petroleum incense
Anubis was originally created to be Liz Moores’ signature scent. She had been searching for the perfect leather fragrance only to conclude that it did not yet exist, hence Anubis was born. The fragrance itself is dark, leathery and incense-laden—it is rich in a way that modern fragrances rarely are and it showcases the raw talent of creator and perfumer Liz Moores.
Eau de Parfum

CAPE HEARTACHE  Imaginary Authors
woody geosmin
Cape Heartache is a fascinating fragrance. At first, it appears to be a rather straightforward woody fragrance dominated by cedar and amber, but then it unfurls its mossy tendrils and sucks the wearer into a dark, damp forest. Earthy notes of lichen, moss and dew-flecked underbrush add depth to Cape Heartache and a mountain air accord imbues the fragrance with an otherworldly quality.
Eau de Parfum

rose chypre
Dark Saphir is a modern take on a classical theme: the rose chypre. Taking cues from fragrances like Sinan by Jean-Marc Sinan, Knowing by Estée Lauder and L’Arte di Gucci, Dark Saphir refines and polishes the basic structure, resulting in a fragrance that feels classic but not old-fashioned. Notes of oud and copahu balm offer a deeper, woodier base than rose chypres from the 1980s and add a modern flourish.
Eau de Parfum

boozy woods
Idole de Lubin was originally released in 2005 to critical acclaim. In just a few years, demand for a more concentrated version of the fragrance led to the release of Idole de Lubin EdP in 2011. Like the original, the EdP was created by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti and featured notes of woods, saffron, leather and rum.
Eau de Parfum

spicy rose
Tauer’s Incense Rosé is a rich, sensual fragrance that draws inspiration from Middle Eastern perfumery. At the fragrance’s core is a rich rose, buttressed with cool orris root and adorned with resins (frankincense and myrrh) and woods (patchouli and cedar). Of course, it wouldn’t be a Tauer fragrance without Andy Tauer’s unique Tauerade accord. Fans of the Swiss perfumer will immediately recognize his signature blend of warm woods and spices.
Eau de Parfum

LA HAINE  Folie à Plusieurs
metallic smoky
La Haine is inspired by Mathieu Kassovitz's 1995 black and white suspense film of the same name. The film takes place over 19 hours in a multi-ethnic French housing project in the Parisian suburbs. The film is a dark and gritty portrait of racial conflict and police brutality, a sentiment reflected in the fragrance.
Eau de Parfum

OUD WA WARD  Berdoues: Collection Grands Crus
woody rose
Ward means rose and this fragrance is exactly what you would expect from the name: it is oud and rose. Imagine, if you will, Dark Saphir by Agonist but sweeter and softer, resting on a pillowy musk and bathed in sunlight. That gets you pretty close to Oud Wa Ward. This is a great daytime oud—not too aggressive, not too fussy—just a gorgeous fragrance that’s super easy to wear.
Eau de Parfum

TERRONI  Orto Parisi
earthy smoky
Terroni draws inspiration from the land surrounding the Mount Vesuvius and the molten lava from which this land was born. The fragrance is deep, intense and earthy. Like all fragrances by Alessandro Gualtieri, the official notes have been withheld so we have done our best to give you some idea of what this smells like with our note breakdown. The fragrance opens with smoky tendrils of birch tar, spices and patchouli with a pronounced accord of dusty cocoa. Warm woods and mosses round out the scent in the typical Nasomatto/Orto Parisi fashion.

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9 × 1 ml samples (various concentrations)

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