Fumerie Monthly Sampler: November 2016
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Fumerie Monthly Sampler


Fumerie Monthly Samplers allow you to explore a wide range of unique and uncommon fragrances for a special low price. Each month we will curate a sampler pack with new, exciting, season-appropriate fragrances. These packs afford you the opportunity to explore fragrances that you may otherwise overlook. You might even discover a new favorite.

Our February 2018 sampler features 1 ml samples of the following fragrances. It will be available from February 1, 2018 - February 28, 2018.

AMBER FLASH  Tauerville
creamy amber
Amber Flash tackles one of perfumery’s most ubiquitous accords: amber. The term itself causes a great deal of confusion, owing to the fact that it can be applied to three distinct materials: ambergris, fossilized tree resin, and a perfumery accord created by combining vanilla and aromatic resins like labdanum and benzoin. In the case of Amber Flash, the focus is the combination of vanilla and aromatic resins. In Amber Flash, Tauer deftly combines natural vanilla with two extracts of cistus labdanum, resulting in a smooth and subtle amber accord. The fragrance is rounded out by the addition of creamy sandalwood, Cashmeran and earthy patchouli.
Eau de Parfum

AMBRA AUREA  Profumum Roma
sweet resins
Profumum Roma’s Ambra Aurea shows us just how good amber fragrances can be. This fragrance contains massive amounts of resins—from sweetly animalic cistus labdanum to bitter myrrh—balanced with a heaping dose of vanilla and sublimated by soft tendrils of incense.

BARAONDA  Nasomatto
Bourbon whiskey
In 2016 Alessandro Gulatieri surprised us with a new Nasomatto fragrance. In stark contrast to his previous work for the Nasomatto line, Baraonda speaks in hushed tones and unfolds slowly and cautiously. Notes of dried fruits, spices and honey coalesce around a central accord of whiskey and woods. The result is a warm, boozy fragrance that recalls the aroma of a finely aged Bourbon whiskey.

BAQUE  Slumberhouse
tobacco leaves
Over the past decade, Slumberhouse perfumer Josh Lobb has composed nearly two dozen fragrances, many of which only saw a limited release. Others still were discontinued to make room for new creations. Many of these fragrances have since gained an almost mythical status amongst fragrance collectors, but perhaps none more so than Baque. Originally released in 2012, Baque is a no-holds-barred tobacco fragrance. Sultry, woody and earthy, Baque captures the scent of drying tobacco leaves in the characteristic Slumberhouse style. In mid-2016, Lobb began re-releasing fragrances from his back-catalog on a limited basis, culminating in the reintroduction of Baque, which became a permanent part of the Slumberhouse line in late 2016.

aromatic leather
Dark, dry and spicy with a subtle, smoldering quality, Galaad is a modern rendition of a style that dates back to the late-1970s and included such masterpieces as Santos de Cartier, Zino Davidoff, Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme and Puig’s Quorum.  These take-no-prisoners compositions packed a punch, reveling in the inky black excesses of tobacco, leather, woods and moss. Galaad takes a cue from these iconic scents, dialing back the intensity ever so slightly and adding a few modern flourishes including oud and cypress.
Eau de Parfum

smoky woods
The newest release from Jovoy is a parched woody composition built around patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood, the holy trinity of woody notes. From the moment Incident Diplomatique leaves the bottle, a complex three-way game of tug-of-war ensues between the central woody components. The tension between these iconic notes results in a fragrance that is constantly shifting from earthy to ashy from smoky to creamy.
Eau de Parfum

ORMONDE MAN  Ormonde Jayne
green woods
The masculine counterpart to 2003’s Ormonde Woman, Ormonde Man takes the deep emerald green woodiness of Ormonde Woman as its starting point and builds on the basic structure. Ormonde Man strips away the floral notes and amber  and replaces them with dark oud, pink pepper and juniper berry. The result is a more pared down and sparse retelling of the original story with the familiar deep green scenery.
Eau de Parfum

SALOME  Papillon
animalic floral
Salome has only been around for two years and it is already regarded as a masterpiece of modern perfumery, and for good reason. With Salome, Liz Moores opened a door that had been closed for several decades and took us on a journey back to the Golden Age of perfumery, when perfumes oozed sex appeal—long before the days of aquatic fragrances and inoffensive florals. Salome celebrates the naughtiness inherent in the classic French perfumes of the 1920s and 1930s by imbuing the fragrance with massive amounts of animalic ingredients—notably hyraceum and castoreum—and luscious, indolic white florals.
Eau de Parfum

TANGO  Masque Milano
dry woods
A rich and opulent floral oriental fragrance, Tango is warm and boozy, avoiding the pitfalls of overt sweetness and instead opting for the more sophisticated touch of woods and spices. Cécile Zarokian has a gift for crafting dizzyingly complex fragrances that never feel crowded or overworked and Tango is a fine example of her extraordinary skill as a perfumer.
Eau de Parfum

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Fumerie Monthly Sampler: November 2016