Luca Maffei

The son of fragrance executive Marco Maffei, Italian-born Luca Maffei grew up around fragrance. His father worked at both Symrise and International Flavors and Fragrances, bringing home lab samples and meeting with parfumeurs like Dominique Ropion and Michel Almairac. Maffei originally pursued a job in the business side of the fragrance industry before setting his sights on the decidedly more creative life of a parfumeur. To that end, he travelled to Grasse to study under Madame Françoise Marin, the former director of the Roure perfumery school. After an apprenticeship with Vincent Ricord, Maffei began working closely with master parfumeur Maurizio Cerizza who encouraged him to compete in The Scent of Excellence Contest at Esxense. The composition he submitted, Iris Magnifica, was a top-five finalist. Since then Maffei has worked for a number of prestigious firms including Masque Milano and Perris Monte Carlo.

L'ATTESA  Masque Milano