Image via  Extrait

Image via Extrait

Lorenzo Villoresi

Lorenzo Villoresi is a parfumeur based out of Florence, Italy. His study of and fascination with the Middle East has greatly influenced his fragrances and some of his most well-known compositions incorporate a distinctive blend of woods and spices. He has spent his career as an independent parfumeur and has created fragrances for independent houses like Oritigia Sicilia. He founded his own fragrance house in 1990.

AMBRA NERA  Ortigia Sicilia
BERGAMOTTO  Ortigia Sicilia
FICO D'INDIA  Ortigia Sicilia
GELSOMINO  Ortigia Sicilia
LIME DI SICILIA  Oritigia Sicilia
MANDORLA  Ortigia Sicilia
MELOGRANO  Ortigia Sicilia
NEROLI  Ortigia Sicilia
SANDALO  Ortigia Sicilia
ZAGARA  Ortigia Sicilia