Image via  Ça Fleure Bon

Image via Ça Fleure Bon

Julien Rasquinet

Julien Rasquinet had no plans to become a parfumeur until a chance meeting with Pierre Bourdon turned his life upside-down. A business school graduate, Rasquient's meeting with Bourdon led to a three-year intensive apprenticeship during which Bourdon taught the young parfumeur everything from composition techniques to his creation philosophy. Rasquinet then went on to work under Christine Nagel before founding his own company and working as an independent parfumeur. He has created fragrances for many niche houses ranging from Naomi Goodsir to Masque Milano.

BOIS D'ASCÈSE  Naomi Goodsir
CUIR VELOURS  Naomi Goodsir
IRIS CENDRÉ  Naomi Goodsir
RUSSIAN TEA  Masque Milano