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François Coty

François Coty is the single most important figure in the history of the modern perfume industry. Born in Corsica in 1874, Coty first learned about perfumery while working in a pharmacy. However, it was not until he was introduced to Antoine Chiris by a mutual friend that his perfume career began in earnest. The Chiris family were manufacturers and distributors of perfumes; Coty began studying the art of perfumery in their laboratory, eventually developing his first fragrance, Le Rose Jacqueminot. After intentionally dropping a bottle at iconic French department store Magasins du Louvre, demand for his fragrance skyrocketed, making Coty a millionaire and a fixture of the perfume industry. Over the next decades, Coty revolutionized the perfume industry. His brilliant marketing strategies changed the way that perfume was purchased. Coty's approach is best encapsulated in his famous quote: "Give a woman the best product to be made, market it in the perfect flask, beautiful in its simplicity, yet impeccable in its taste, ask a reasonable price for it, and you will witness the birth of a business the size of which the world has never seen." His creations changed the perfume landscape, pushed boundaries and explored uncharted territories. Several of his most iconic fragrances serve as models for well-known fragrance families to this day including L'Origan (floral oriental, 1905), Chypre de Coty (chypre, 1917) and Emeraude (oriental, 1921).