Image via  Evelyn Avenue

Image via Evelyn Avenue

Bruno Fazzolari

Bruno Fazzolari is a visual artist and parfumeur from San Francisco. His first fragrances were composed as olfactory works of art and shown alongside his paintings. His work is inspired by synesthesia—a condition wherein experiences through one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic and involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway (eg. each individual letter or number is associated with a particular color). For a time, his fragrances were only available in exclusive gallery settings but he has since created his own fragrance line to market his unique creations.

AU DELÀ NARCISSE  Bruno Fazzolari
FEU SECRET  Bruno Fazzolari
FIVE  Bruno Fazzolari
LAMPBLACK  Bruno Fazzolari
MONSERRAT  Bruno Fazzolari
ROOM 237  Bruno Fazzolari
UMMAGUMMA  Bruno Fazzolari
UNSETTLED  Bruno Fazzolari