Image via  Colognoisseur

Image via Colognoisseur

Alessandro Gualtieri

Italian-born Alessandro Gualtieri studied perfumery at a German training institute. He spent years creating fragrances for major perfume lines like Fendi and Versace and served as the in-house parfumeur at Diesel before founding his own perfume line, Nasomatto, in Amsterdam. Most recently he launched a new line aimed at exploring the animalic side of humanity, Orto Parisi and founding Maria Lux with his wife, Dutch designer Lilian Driessen.

ABSINTH  Nasomatto
BARAONDA  Nasomatto
BERGAMASK  Orto Parisi
BOCCANERA  Orto Parisi
BRUTUS  Orto Parisi
CHINA WHITE  Nasomatto
DURO  Nasomatto
HINDU GRASS  Nasomatto
PARDON  Nasomatto
SEMINALIS  Orto Parisi
SILVER MUSK  Nasomatto
STERCUS  Orto Parisi
TERRONI  Orto Parisi
VIRIDE  Orto Parisi