New Arrivals

Below you will find a list of new fragrances at Fumerie Parfumerie. While everything listed here is new to us, it may not necessarily be a new release. New releases are sorted by their date of introduction at Fumerie, not necessarily their official release date. If you are interested in the release date, check out the individual product pages by clicking the links.


DEC 2018

L’Air du Désert Marocain Candle

desert incense


woody vanilla

Marron Candle

marron glacé

Nez 6

smelly reading


NOV 2018


velvet musk

Pavillon Rouge

boozy leather


OCT 2018

Whispered Myths

maritime oud


earthy green

Déjà le Printemps

woody green

Gentry Jockey Club

woody leather


sweet almond


amber patchouli

Les Tourterelles de Zelmis

fresh rose


vintage floral

Muguet Fleuri

fresh muguet

Rêve d’Ossian

fir incense

Vétiver Royal Bourbon

earthy vetiver

Princesses de Malabar

peachy iris


prodigious vetiver


SEP 2018

Say Yes

woody vanilla

Évocations: Brittany Breeze

aromatic fougère

Évocations: Jardin Rouge

woody floral

Évocations: Mandarino

citrus floral

California Snow

damp earth

Hallucinogenic Pearl

leather handbag

Les Petites Morts Discovery Set

portable poisons


AUG 2018

Perfumes: The Guide 2018

five stars


JUL 2018

Remember Me

chai tea

Sabbia Bianca

tuberose bliss

Signature Collection Discovery Set

modern classics

The Four Corners of the Earth Collection and The Gold Trilogy Discovery Set

olfactory passport


orange zest

Qi Intensivo

mossy tea

Nawab of Oudh Intensivo

warm woods

Tsarina Intensivo

iris leather

Montabaco Intensivo

woody tobacco