Amber Flash • Tauerville

Amber Flash • Tauerville

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House  Tauerville
Released  2015
Perfumer  Andy Tauer
Fragrance Family  Soft Oriental
Notes  Amber, cinnamon, cistus labdanum, benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, Cashmeran, leather

Description  Smoky, tarry, spicy, earthy, resinous and ambery—Tauerville's Amber Flash is an expansive, kaleidoscopic fragrance with many competing facets; yet, in spite of this, it never feels heavy or overwhelming. Instead, Amber Flash possesses an almost airy, transparent quality. The fragrance opens with an accord of cistus labdanum, vanilla, cinnamon and tarry leather. As Amber Flash progresses, the tarry leather becomes increasingly more prominent, pulling the fragrance in an earthy direction. At this stage, a salty, almost ambergris-like, mineral accord begins to emerge, enveloping the fragrance in a sun-kissed veil of salty ocean air. The fragrance begins to take on a chewy, spicy quality as the subtle animalic flourishes begin to play an increasingly important role. Toward the drydown, the fragrance begins to veer in a spicy tobacco direction before settling down to a base of warm woods.

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Amber Flash • Tauerville