Au Cœur du Désert • Tauer

Au Cœur du Désert • Tauer

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House  Tauer
Released  2016
Perfumer  Andy Tauer
Fragrance Family  Woody Oriental
Notes  Bergamot, cumin, coriander, jasmine, cistus labdanum, cedar, vetiver, amber, patchouli, leather, ambergris

Description  Au Cœur du Désert finds Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer revisiting familiar territory and reworking his 2005 masterpiece, L'Air du Désert Marocain. The concept itself takes some getting used to—L'Air du Désert Marocain is a monument of modern perfumery. With Au Cœur du Désert, Tauer takes us deeper into the Moroccan desert. Everything here is drier, richer and more intense. The first thing you'll notice about Au Cœur du Désert is the unbelievable bergamot opening—an oily, almost petroleum like note with a distinctive citrus zing. Next comes a deluge of spices that Tauer fans will recognize almost immediately: cumin and coriander. Whereas L'Air du Désert Marocain is light and smoky, Au Cœur du Désert is resinous and woody. The base is dark and rich with notes of cedar, earthy patchouli, amber and leather. This fragrance is a must-have for any fragrance lover and another classic from Tauer.

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Au Cœur du Désert • Tauer