AT Attar • Tauer

Attar AT • Tauer


House  Tauer
Released  2017
Perfumer  Andy Tauer
Fragrance Family  Leather
Notes  Leather, birch tar, vetiver, dry woods, sandalwood, jasmine, cistus labdanum, castoreum, animalic accord

Description  The Tauer attar speaks in Arabian language; it is undiluted perfume oil and needs the skin's warmth to bloom. The fragrance is dark, leathery, animalic. Creamy sandalwood from Mysore balances an arab wood accord. Jasmine absolute from Egypt adds a floral undertone. Earthy vetiver oil from Java and black cistus oil from Spain add to the acroamatic aura of the attar. The Tauer attar blooms and lasts on skin but follows the tradition: an attar always comes with an element of modesty. 

5 ml attar

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AT Attar • Tauer