New Sibet • Slumberhouse
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New Sibet • Slumberhouse


House  Slumberhouse
Released  2016
Perfumer  Josh Lobb
Fragrance Family  Chypre
Notes  Carnation, mint, ash, leather, orris, cistus labdanum, goat fur, moss

Description  Empires upon empires upon empires. Empresses and embasies and emissaries. Sun goes down. No more games. New Sibet is a bit of a departure for Josh Lobb. Those familiar with Josh's work will immediately recognize his signature style; however, New Sibet has none of the usual hallmarks of a Slumberhouse fragrance. It is not particularly sweet. It has no gourmand facets. There is no tobacco note to be found. New Sibet is a dusty, dry floral leather fragrance with a distinctly vintage feel. It opens with a beautiful orris accord: at once waxy and rooty—the aroma of freshly-snapped carrots. The mint and ash slowly fade into focus along with a spicy carnation. The combined effect of these materials produces a warm, gauzy texture that pairs perfectly with the goat fur and leather. The mossy base further accentuates the animalic facets and evokes the opulence of long-forgotten classics like Weil's Antilope. New Sibet is a triumph—a gorgeous chypre fragrance from another time and a welcome addition to Slumberhouse's already impressive range.

30 ml extrait spray

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New Sibet • Slumberhouse