L'Eau de Paille • Serge Lutens
Serge Lutens

L'Eau de Paille • Serge Lutens


House  Serge Lutens
Released  2016
Perfumer  Christopher Sheldrake
Fragrance Family  Oriental
Notes  Lavender, hay, coumarin, vetiver, incense

Description  L'Eau de Paille is Serge Lutens most recent entry in his Les Eaux collection of fragrances. A classical oriental composition, L'Eau de Paille revolves around a central note of coumarin, the main aromatic element of tonka bean. Coumarin has a long history of use in fragrances—it was one of the first aroma molecules to be isolated—and it is prized for its ability to impart a warm, hay-like aroma. Here it appears rather unadorned with just a touch of lavender up top. The fragrance shortly segues into a dry base, dominated by vetiver with a light touch of incense. The overall effect is something akin to a parched lawn during the hottest days of summer. A hazy, warm scent for equally warm days.

50 ml eau de parfum spray

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L'Eau de Paille • Serge Lutens