Baptême du Feu • Serge Lutens
Serge Lutens

Baptême du Feu • Serge Lutens

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House  Serge Lutens
Released  2016
Perfumer  Christopher Sheldrake
Fragrance Family  Soft Oriental
Notes  Bigarade, gunpowder, ginger, osmanthus, ylang-ylang, gingerbread, benzoin, cedar, incense, tonka bean, musk, ambergris

Description  Serge Lutens fragrances can rightly be divided into two camps: his woody-spicy (oriental) fragrances and his floral compositions. The past several years have been marked by an increased output of floral compositions, which makes the release of the more oriental Baptême du Feu feel particularly exciting. The fragrance opens with a bigarade-like citrus accord with a pronounced verdancy. The opening rings out for quite some time before slowly revealing a truly unusual spicy, peppery accord that oscillates between a dry muskiness and a surprisingly true-to-life gingerbread effect. Reviewers have also noted that the fragrance possesses an almost intangible quality variously described as the aroma of hot wires and smoke. This is no doubt a manifestation of the gunpowder accord that quietly lurks in the background adding yet another layer of complexity. Baptême du Feu possesses an almost shimmering quality—changing based on the particular angle of the light. This propensity for dynamic change may be the most remarkable quality of the composition—it shifts and transforms constantly, continually incorporating new elements into its core theme, taking the coda only to begin again. The fragrance is surprising, challenging and quintessentially Lutensian in character. Suffice it to say, Baptême du Feu is anything but ordinary.

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Baptême du Feu • Serge Lutens