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Sabbia Bianca • Profumum Roma

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House Profumum Roma
Released 2011/2018
Perfumer Felice Durante, Luciano Durante, Maria Durante & Giuseppe Durante
Fragrance Family Floral
Notes Tuberose, violet, tiaré, ylang-ylang

Description I first learned of the existence of Profumum Roma’s Sabbia Bianca from a longtime fan of the fragrance who called to order a bottle the same day that Profumum Roma announced that the fragrance would be re-released. I was immediately intrigued; no surprise considering the fact that everything about Sabbia Bianca is intriguing. From the limited initial release to the white bottle, Sabbia Bianca seems to be designed to be captivating. That being said, we all know that it’s the fragrance that truly matters and in the case of Sabbia Bianca, the fragrance is equally (if not more) compelling than the sleek, white bottle. This is a rich, multifaceted tuberose composition that explores the hidden depths of the iconic white flower.

Sabbia Bianca opens with a tropical, creamy-fruity aroma of tiaré flower, which is joined in short order by the tuberose. What truly sets Sabbia Bianca apart is its willingness to explore the somewhat disturbing facets of tuberose absolute that most other fragrances choose to obscure or eliminate. While all white flowers possess a shared green, indolic quality, each flower has its own unique notes from the smoky ham aspect of lilies to the mushroom aspect of gardenia. Tuberose possesses notes of camphor and rubber, both of which are present in Sabbia Bianca. After the pretty tropical opening, the fragrance oscillates a bit and settles on an icy, cool blast of camphor on a creamy white floral backdrop of tuberose. As Sabbia Bianca progresses, the rubbery aspects of tuberose become increasingly more apparent, resulting in a dark, slightly smoky drydown packed to the brim with creamy tuberose. The longevity on Sabbia Bianca is unbelievable—over 24 hours after applying the fragrance, it continues to radiate the scent of tuberose.

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