Battito d'Ali • Profumum Roma
Profumum Roma

Battito d'Ali • Profumum Roma

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House Profumum Roma
Released 2010
Perfumer Felice Durante, Luciano Durante & Maria Durante
Fragrance Family Floral Oriental
Notes Bergamot, orange blossom, cocoa, myrrh, vanilla

Description Like all Profumum Roma fragrances, Battito d'Ali is a complex composition that demands patience and attention. Battito d'Ali is Profumum Roma's tribute to orange blossom so it should come as no surprise that upon initial application the wearer is greeted by the most lovely and beautifully-rendered orange blossom imaginable. For us, the fragrance conjures up warm summers, beaches, sun-kissed skin and tropical evenings. The slightly powdery effect of the myrrh and vanilla blends seamlessly with the orange blossom, never overpowering the star of the composition. Profumum Roma describes the fragrance as the scent of an angel's wings—it is hard to imaginre a more appropriate analogy.

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Battito d'Ali • Profumum Roma