Corsica Furiosa • Parfum d'Empire
Parfum d'Empire

Corsica Furiosa • Parfum d'Empire

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House  Parfum d'Empire
Released  2014
Perfumer  Marc-Antoine Corticchiato
Fragrance Family  Green
Notes  Hay, lentisk, earthy notes, resins, honey, leather, woody notes, moss

Description  There are few fragrances that have the power to immediately lift our spirits. Corsica Furiosa is one such composition; it never fails to put a smile on our faces. At once verdant and sunny, it suggests the promise of life that hangs in the springtime air. Composed as a tribute to perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato's homeland, Corsica Furiosa makes use of ingredients native to the island of Corsica. The fragrance opens with the earthy greenness of nepita (a local variety of wild mint) and the unmistakable aroma of tomato leaf. The green cocktail is quickly joined by lentisk (with its peppery-earthy aroma and mushroom-like overtones) and grassy notes. The base of the fragrance is dominated by woods, hay, leather, resinous notes and moss. Much of the development in the heart and into the base is due to the fact that three distinct extractions of lentisk are used in this composition. The first is responsible for the peppery, mushroom-like notes; the second provides shades of hay, tobacco, and liquor; the final extraction method yields resinous, spicy, leathery flourishes. If you're looking for a well-rounded and powerful green fragrance, look no further.

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Corsica Furiosa • Parfum d'Empire