Tsarina Intensivo • Ormonde Jayne
Ormonde Jayne

Tsarina Intensivo • Ormonde Jayne

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House  Ormonde Jayne
Released  2014
Perfumer  Geza Schoen
Fragrance Family  Woods
Notes  Bergamot, blackcurrant, coriander, mandarin, freesia, Hedione, orris, jasmine, suede, amber, cedar, leather, musk, sandalwood, vanilla, cistus labdanum

Description  Tsarina epitomizes opulence and passion. She demands fur, leather, brocade, heavy silks in sweeping dresses and fabulous jewels to go with her haughty heritage. To call it a floral oriental is to misunderstand its rich complexity, it is more baroque. The perfume is profound, blending leather notes, rich Madagascan vanilla, amber and orris butter.

50 ml extrait spray

1 ml extrait sample

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Tsarina Intensivo • Ormonde Jayne