Frangipani • Ormonde Jayne
Ormonde Jayne

Frangipani • Ormonde Jayne

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House  Ormonde Jayne
Released  2003
Perfumer  Geza Schoen
Fragrance Family  Floral
Notes  Linden blossom, magnolia, lime, frangipani, rose, tuberose, water lily, plum, orchid, amber, musk, cedar, vanilla

Description  With its large elegant cream-colored petals, frangipani is perhaps the queen of all tropical flowers. The heart is a fabulous heady fusion of frangipani and tuberose absolutes, elevated with plum, water lilies and green orchid oil.

50 ml eau de parfum spray

1 ml eau de parfum sample

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Frangipani • Ormonde Jayne