Nudiflorum • Nasomatto

Nudiflorum • Nasomatto

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House  Nasomatto
Released  2018
Perfumer  Alessandro Gualtieri
Fragrance Family  Leather
Notes  Jasmine, leather, musk

Description  Several years ago Alessandro Gulatieri, the mastermind behind Nasomatto, declared the line dead. In the years since, two new Nasomatto fragrances have been released: first Baraonda in 2016 and now Nudiflorum. The two ‘zombie era’ Nasomatto fragrances are quite different from one another but bear more than a passing resemblance stylistically. Many of Nasomatto’s early fragrances are dark, brooding, intense compositions. They feel thick and impenetrable—packed almost to the point of bursting with raw materials. These new compositions, on the other hand, are more delicate and subtle. As several reviewers have noted, Nudiflorum makes use of quinolines to create a damp, earthy leather accord. This leathery character is apparent from the moment the fragrance is applied and lasts for the life of the scent. A sweet jasmine accord softens the rough-hewn edges and a soft musk lurks in the background. The combined effect is intoxicating and redolent of the scent of a pair of worn leather gloves.

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Nudiflorum • Nasomatto