Baraonda • Nasomatto
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Baraonda • Nasomatto

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House  Nasomatto
Released  2016
Perfumer  Alessandro Gualtieri
Fragrance Family  Woods
Notes  Dried fruits, spices, honey, whiskey, woods, vanilla, incense

Description  Baraonda is an intoxicating aroma—in more ways that one. It is a complex and delicately balanced composition, recalling the aroma of high-quality bourbon whiskey, warm mulling spices, old leather bound books, antique furniture and roaring fireplaces—Baraonda is the aroma of autumn itself. With Baraonda's release, Nasomatto makes a triumphant return with what may well be considered the finest fragrance in the range. It is no stretch to say that Baraonda represents some of Gualtieri's finest work and easily counts among his most inspired compositions. As usual with Nasomatto releases, perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri includes no note breakdowns so we have done our best to identify what we can.

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Baraonda • Nasomatto