Absinth • Nasomatto

Absinth • Nasomatto

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House  Nasomatto
Released  2007
Perfumer  Alessandro Gualtieri
Fragrance Family  Chypre
Notes  Absinthe, artemesia, vetiver

Description  Abisnth is, simply put, a killer green fragrance. In typical Nasomatto fashion, this fragrance speaks in a booming voice, opening with the faintest hint of lime before a huge wormwood note bursts in. For most of us, the aroma of wormwood immediately brings to mind absinthe, the legendary green liquor flavored by wormwood. The aroma of wormwood is bitter, green and very similar to artemisia, which is also featured in abundance. The base of the fragrance is dominated by a salty-woody and resolutely green accord of vetiver.

30 ml extrait spray

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Absinth • Nasomatto