Péché Cardinal • MDCI

Péché Cardinal • MDCI

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House  MDCI
Released  2009
Perfumer  Amandine Clerc-Marie
Fragrance Family  Fruity
Notes  Davana, coconut, cassis, peach, lily, tuberose, plum, cedar, sandalwood, musk

Description  Péché Cardinal, authored by Amandine Clerc-Marie, is an olfactory treat filled to the brim with ripe peaches and tropical florals. The fragrance opens with a lovely peach note—ripe but not overly sweet—accompanied by tuberose. The peach is bolstered by a plum note (a classic combination that recalls Rochas' original Femme) while the creaminess of the tuberose is accented by coconut, which accentuates the tropical facets of the floral accord. As the fragrance progresses, a soft musk further softens the edges of the fragrance as it settles into a soft woody base of sandalwood and cedar. Both the sillage and longevity of this fragrance are excellent making it an ideal choice for those looking for a no-nonsense tuberose fragrance. It should be noted that although the fragrance features peach prominently, the name of the composition means Original Sin—an apt name for a truly intoxicating fragrance.

75 ml eau de parfum spray

1 ml eau de parfum sample

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Péché Cardinal • MDCI