Chypre Palatin • MDCI

Chypre Palatin • MDCI

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House  MDCI
Released  2012
Perfumer  Bertrand Duchaufour
Fragrance Family  Chypre
Notes  Clementine, hyacinth, lavender, jasmine, rose, orris, benzoin, styrax, vanilla, castoreum, costus, leather

Description  Chypre Palatin finds MDCI once again revisiting the classic chypre structure, this time with Bertrand Duchaufour at the helm. The term chypre is French for Cyprus, the Mediterranean island where the style originated thousands of years ago; however, all modern chypres owe more of a debt to Coty's 1917 creation Chypre, which modernized the structure. The style was immediately embraced by perfumers due to its incredible versatility: the basic structure could be dressed in hundreds of different ways but always contained a core of bergamot, cistus labdanum and oakmoss. Unfortunately, modern allergen reformulations have threatened the continued survival of the style forcing perfumers to find alternatives to a key ingredient: oakmoss. In Chypre Palatin, Duchaufour replaces the dark and inky oakmoss with an oriental leather accord. The fragrance opens with a sweet orange note and a hefty balsamic sweetness that soon gives way to an absolutely stunning green accord of hyacinth and galbanum offset by the resinous sweetness of benzoin and the floral sweetness of rose an jasmine recalling at various moments the green chypres of the 1970s. As the fragrance sidles into the drydown the leather accord becomes increasingly more apparent: a gentle veil of castoreum, musk and leather.

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Chypre Palatin • MDCI