I.I Terralba • Masque

I.I Terralba • Masque

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House  Masque
Released  2013
Perfumer  Delphine Thierry
Fragrance Family  Woods
Notes  Clary sage, lemon, green tangerine, myrtle, thyme, immortelle, curry leaves, cedar, cypress, juniper berry, lentisk

Description  Spicy and exotic, Terralba is the aroma of sun-drenched earth, sparse vegetation and the salty spray of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the meeting of the earth and the sea, Terralba opens with a fresh burst of citrus and leathery-herbaceous clary sage. The herbal cocktail is quickly joined by aromatic thyme, verdant myrtle, spicy curry and the characteristic caramel aroma of immortelle. The endemic herbs and spices of Southern Italy immediately transport us to the macchia mediterranea and we can feel the hot sun on our backs as we trudge through the rocky coast, sotted with aromatic shrubs and bushes. Terralba's base of aromatic juniper, cypress, lentisque and cedar slowly fades into view—woody and bracing in equal measure. 

35 ml eau de parfum spray

1 ml eau de parfum sample

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I.I Terralba • Masque