II.IV Kintsugi • Masque

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House  Masque
Released  2019
Perfumer  Vanina Muracciole
Fragrance Family  Chypre
Notes  Bergamot, magnolia, savory amber, golden suede, Centifolia rose, violet leaves, benzoin, raspberry leaves, patchouli, vanilla

Description  Spring has finally arrived. The fresh air conveys energy and arouses mankind from winter lethargy. Under the magnolia tree, the potter is repairing a broken vase, using an ancient technique. Kintsukuroi – golden repair.

The garden is peaceful, chirruping birds are not disturbing the craftwork, as they are part of the scene. The master did not want to loose the old vase. He said it was useful. Broken, not bent, but not hopelessly lost.

On the wall, besides the rose bush, an old carved stone slab says: “Cherish the simple. Cherish the old. Do not hide your scars, show them with pride.”

Kintsugi is a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with a lacquer mixed with precious metals.

• Oak moss is replaced by a salty, savoury amber accord, resulting in a fine-grain shimmer reminding of unglazed porcelain

• crisp magnolia blossom give way to the gently sensual heart of the composition;

• in the heart, a golden suede accord – sweet leather with a supple, feminine and sensual touch – marries with rose centifolia (rose pays, from Grasse) and violet leaves;

• the whole structure is kept together by the powerful glue of Patchouli Coeur – secret recipe of the perfumer/potter to keep together the pieces of an old, broken classic. Patchouli Coeur is obtained through fractional distillation, where the most camphor-like, musty aspects are cut off, and the main character of the raw material is magnified in its purest, gentlest, refined elegance. We can think at Patchouli Coeur as a thoroughbred of a Patchouli. This is the lacquer mixed with gold that Vanina poured to give Chypre a new life.

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