Romanza • Masque Milano
Masque Milano

Romanza • Masque Milano

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House  Masque Milano
Released  2016
Perfumer  Cristiano Canali
Fragrance Family  Floral Oriental
Notes  Absinth, orange blossom, angelica, violet leaf, narcissus, jasmine, vetiver, cedar, patchouli, amber, civet

Description  Romanza is quite simply one of the best narcissus fragrances we have ever had the pleasure of smelling. The fragrance opens with a subtle accord of absinth paired with the green, spicy aroma of angelica and the peppery-green freshness of violet leaf. A delicate orange blossom hangs in the background flittering between the more floral aspects of the blossom and the earthy freshness of neroli. All the while the tantalizing aroma of narcissus grows ever more present, mingling with the veritable garden of soft green notes. A low growl of civet darts in the shadows imparting an animalic depth to the composition and a clean jasmine adds a light floral touch. The hay-like facets of the narcissus meld perfectly with the woody base of vetiver and patchouli, softened by a delicate embrace of warm amber. A masterful study of a seldom-used raw material, Romanza is truly a work of art.

35 ml eau de parfum spray

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Romanza • Masque Milano