Montecristo • Masque Milano
Masque Milano

Montecristo • Masque Milano

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House  Masque Milano
Released  2013
Perfumer  Delphine Thierry
Fragrance Family  Leather
Notes  Celery seed, cabreuva, rum, tobacco, cistus labdanum, ambrette seed, benzoin, hyraceum, styrax, guaïac wood, cedar, patchouli

Description  Montecristo is a rich, smoky composition dominated by woods and leather. The fragrance opens with smoky birch, animalic hyraceum, rum and the warm, woody, fatty aroma of cabreuva. A touch of celery seed imparts a spicy, vegetal aroma to the composition. The heart is a melange of warm, resinous notes and sweet tobacco leaf. The smokiness is extended in the base by styrax, with its balsamic and almost gasoline-like facets and augmented by warm woody notes of cedar, patchouli and guaïac wood.

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Montecristo • Masque Milano