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Masque Milano

Luci ed Ombre • Masque Milano

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House  Masque Milano
Released  2013
Perfumer  Meo Fusciuni
Fragrance Family  Woods
Notes  Ginger, incense, tuberose, jasmine, moss, cedar, patchouli

Description  Luci ed Ombre is an adventurous take on tuberose. Whereas most compositions explore the narcotic, tropical aspects of the flower, Luci ed Ombre instead places tuberose in a woody framework that coaxes out the flower's more unique qualities. Tuberose is a remarkable raw material, possessing many interesting facets. Since white flowers have no color with which to temp insects, they instead rely on smell. All white flowers have a certain dirtiness designed to attract insects and this balance of pretty and dirty is what makes flowers like jasmine, gardenia and tuberose so compelling. In Luci ed Ombre, perfumer Meo Fusciuni makes no attempt to clean up the central note of tuberose—instead its rubbery and mentholated aspects are highlighted through clever juxtapositions with other raw materials. For instance, by pairing the tuberose with cedar, the wintergreen-like aroma that might otherwise be problematic is folded into the composition resulting in a paradoxically fresh woody effect. Tuberose's rubbery facets are also put to good use, creating a leathery backdrop that segues beautifully into the woody-earthy base of patchouli and oakmoss. The resulting composition feels fresh and innovative while at the same time retaining a distinclty vintage feel.

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luci ed ombre bianco.jpg