Upper Ten • Lubin

Upper Ten • Lubin

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House  Lubin
Released  2015
Perfumer  Thomas Fontaine
Fragrance Family  Woody Oriental
Notes  Cardamom, cypress, rosemary, myrrh, copaiva, honey, cedar, oud, tobacco

Description  The upper ten thousand—or the upper ten—was a phrase coined in 1852 by American poet Nathaniel Willis to refer to the upper social circles of society: the American elite. Upper Ten opens with juniper berry, pink pepper and geranium before quickly transitioning into a spicy-sweet torrent of cinnamon and orange blossom tempered with cardamom. A lactonic peach note bathes the fragrance in a gaussian blur and further softens the fragrance as the buttermilk tang of sandalwood grows in intensity joined by a prominent leather accord and supported by cedar, amber and musk.

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Upper Ten • Lubin