L de Lubin • Lubin

L de Lubin • Lubin

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House  Lubin
Released  2008
Perfumer  Lucien Ferrero
Fragrance Family  Chypre
Notes  Bergamot, lemon, gardenia, ylang-ylang, black pepper, raspberry, orris, jasmine, lily, rose, clove, patchouli, rosewood, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, heliotrope, tonka bean, vanilla

Description  L de Lubin is the sort of fragrance that we get really excited about: a citrus chypre in the grand French manner. It opens with a burst of beautifully rendered citrus notes—lemon and bergamot—against a backdrop of gardenia and ylang-ylang. The heart of the fragrance features the classic combination of orris, rose and jasmine with a light touch of clove resting on a base of warm woods, vanilla and tonka bean. The overall effect of the fragrance is not unlike that of Dior's seminal classic Diorella, no surprise considering the fragrance was originally released in 1974 and painstakingly re-orchestrated by the perfume's original author, Lucien Ferrero, to comply with modern allergen restrictions. If you long for the depth and richness of classic French fragrances, look no further: L de Lubin is a sunny day in a bottle just waiting to be sprayed.

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L de Lubin • Lubin