Korrigan • Lubin

Korrigan • Lubin

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House  Lubin
Released  2012
Perfumer  Thomas Fontaine
Fragrance Family  Woody Oriental
Notes  Saffron, cognac, juniper berry, lavender, ambrette seed, whiskey, cedar, leather, oud, vetiver, musk

Description  Korrigan is one of those fragrances to which the term gourmand has been appended. A perfumery buzzword, gourmand refers to fragrances which possess an edible—often dessert-like—quality. It is a fairly recent term dating back to the early 1990s and the release of Angel by Thierry Mugler, with its distinctive cotton candy accord. The gourmand aspects of Korrigan are, in comparison, much more subtle with a gingerbread-like effect (not unlike that found in Chanel's Bois des Iles) and an austere elegance not often encountered in gourmand fragrances.

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Korrigan • Lubin