Idole • Lubin

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House  Lubin
Released  2012
Perfumer  Olivia Giacobetti
Fragrance Family  Woody Oriental
Notes  Bigarade, cumin, saffron, rum, ebony, palm wood, incense, sugar cane, leather, sandalwood, amber, cistus labdanum

Description  Idole was Lubin's triumphant return to fine fragrance following a two decade absence and helped to re-establish the line as one of the pre-eminent names in perfumery. The fragrance was originally released in 2005 as an eau de toilette, taking its name and tangential inspiration from Lubin's 1962 release of the same name. This version was first introduced in 2012 as a re-orchestration of the 2005 release in the eau de parfum concentration; the 2005 version was subsequently discontinued. The core of Idole is the intersection of fruity leather, rum, ebony, and spices which is bolstered in the eau de parfum by the addition of amber and incense. In spite of all of these heavy materials, Idole never feels heavy or weighted down benefitting from Olivia Giacobetti's trademark transparent style.

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