Grisette • Lubin

Grisette • Lubin

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House  Lubin
Released  2015
Perfumer  Thomas Fontaine
Fragrance Family  Soft Floral
Notes  Grapefruit, bergamot, rose, orris, incense, cedar, musk, amber, vanilla

Description  Grisette by Lubin is a light-hearted fruity floral affair with sweet citrus notes of grapefruit and bergamot resting on a light woody-powdery base. The fragrance is named for the term grisette. The use of the term dates back to the seventeenth century, but Lubin's fragrance intends to pay homage to the bohemian women of the early nineteenth century who worked as seamstresses and milliner's assiatants and were a regular fixtures in the Parisian art scene. These women were perceived as independent and adveterous often working as artists' models. Grisette is—at its core—a floral fragrance built around an accord of rose and orris. The citrus notes are apparent from the very first spray and continue to accent the fragrance well into the heart. A tender incense and cedar accord wraps the fragrance in a smoky veil and amber and musk soften the woods. The base is lightly sweetened by the comforting aroma of vanilla.

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Grisette • Lubin