Galaad • Lubin

Galaad • Lubin

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House  Lubin
Released  2012
Perfumer  Delphine Thierry
Fragrance Family  Leather
Notes  Cardamom, cypress, rosemary, myrrh, copaiva, honey, cedar, oud, tobacco

Description  Galaad is an oriental leather fragrance—rich and spicy—flanked by notes of dry woods and incense. The fragrance opens with cardamom, tobacco and spices, instantly evocative of a gentlemen's club. As the fragrance progresses, the leathery aspect grows increasingly more prominent and is joined by aromatic rosemary and cypress while notes of honey, myrrh and oud slowly grow in intensity resulting in a dry-woody-smoky effect not unlike that produced by Yves Saint Laurent's iconic M7. The base continues the dry woody theme introduced in the opening with dry cedar and earthy oud enveloped in warm tobacco notes.

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Galaad • Lubin