Insulo • Jeroboam

Insulo • Jeroboam

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House  Jeroboam
Released  2015
Perfumer  Vanina Muracciole
Fragrance Family  Oriental
Notes  Jasmine, musk, vanilla

Description  Gourmand lovers take note: Insulo opens with a sweet, crème brulée-style vanilla. Thick, gooey and covered in caramel, Insulo is the pinnacle of sugary sweetness and vanillic decadence. Its basic structure is not a million miles from Serge Lutens' Un Bois Vanille but while Lutens adorns the sweet vanillic core of his fragrance with woody licorice and sandalwood, Insulo takes a more ethereal approach, bolstering the delicious vanilla with a signature musk blend that imparts the fragrance with an airy quality that helps to balance out the sticky sweetness of the vanilla.

30 ml extrait spray

1 ml extrait sample

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Insulo • Jeroboam