Hauto • Jeroboam

Hauto • Jeroboam

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House  Jeroboam
Released  2015
Perfumer  Vanina Muracciole
Fragrance Family  Soft Floral
Notes  Bergamot, pineapple, tuberose, rose, spices, musk

Description  Hauto's opening is something to behold. Mentholated, camphoraceous and salty. Like Serge Lutens' terrific Tubéreuse Criminelle, Hauto makes no attempt to either disguise or eliminate the potentially unpleasant aspects of tuberose absolute. As the fragrance progresses, the central note softens, becoming increasingly more dignified, eventually swapping its minty aspects for a plush, white musk and a sublte spiciness.

30 ml extrait spray

1 ml extrait sample

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Hauto • Jeroboam