Yesterday Haze • Imaginary Authors
Imaginary Authors

Yesterday Haze • Imaginary Authors

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House  Imaginary Authors
Released  2014
Perfumer  Josh Meyer
Fragrance Family  Soft Floral
Notes  Fig, orris, tonka bean, woods, walnut

Description  “Yesterday Haze,” the subtly sinister follow-up to Lenora Blumberg’s acclaimed debut “Violet Disguise,” tells the story of a farmer’s wife who, after maintaining a decades-long affair with a crop duster pilot, decides to come clean to her husband (who also happens to be her lover’s employer). “The memory of him is a rifle in my mouth,” Blumberg wrote, “and the scent of fig its trigger.” Set in California’s tranquil and dusty San Joaquin Valley, the elaborate tale unfolds like a dream, delicately shifting perceptions like the colors of a dimming dusk.

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Yesterday Haze • Imaginary Authors

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