Vanille Bourbon • Il Profumo
Il Profumo

Vanille Bourbon • Il Profumo

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House  Il Profumo
Released  2004
Perfumer  Silvana Casoli
Fragrance Family  Oriental
Notes  Vanilla, tiaré, rosewood

Description  Vanille Bourbon is one of the finest vanilla fragrances we have tried. Silvana Casoli spared no expense and it shows. Vanille Bourbon is positively packed full of real vanilla absolute. From the moment of application, the vanilla bursts forward with its spicy, rum-like, woody facets. It is rich, complex and mesmerizing. The central ingredient is minimally adorned with the solar radiance of tiaré and the peppery woody accents of rosewood. Vanilla lovers rejoice, your new favorite fragrance has arrived!

100 ml eau de parfum spray

1 ml eau de parfum sample

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Vanille Bourbon • Il Profumo