Coquelicot • Il Profumo
Il Profumo

Coquelicot • Il Profumo

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House  Il Profumo
Released  2007
Perfumer  Silvana Casoli
Fragrance Family  Floral
Notes  Peach, melon, grape, peony, musk, bamboo

Description  Inspired in equal parts by the colorful garments worn by Tibetan women and the Himalayan blue poppy, Coquelicot is an exhuberant fruity floral—bright, sunny and endlessly charming. As the blue poppy has no aroma, Coquelicot is perfumer Silvana Casoli's artistic interpretation of what this  beautiful flower would smell like. Light, airy and bathed in a warm glow, the fragrance opens with fresh notes of melon and milky, warm peach. A delicate peony accord slowly comes into focus, softened by a warm musky base. A delicately green bamboo accord provides an earthy accent, gently suggesting a freshly cut bouquet.

50 ml eau de parfum spray
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Coquelicot • Il Profumo