Feu Secret • Bruno Fazzolari
Bruno Fazzolari

Feu Secret • Bruno Fazzolari

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House  Bruno Fazzolari
Released  2017
Perfumer  Bruno Fazzolari
Fragrance Family  Woods : Crisp
Notes  Pink pepper, eucalyptus, turmeric, orris, blue hemlock, Himalayan cedar, birch tar, spruce, vanilla

Description  With each successive release, Bruno Fazzolari manages to impress with unique and innovative compositions and Feu Secret is no exception. Warm, spicy and leathery in equal measure, Feu Secret is a triumph and an early contender for one of the best fragrances of 2017. The fragrance opens with contrasting accords of orris, spices and herbal notes which create a warm/cold effect. The silvery shimmer of orris butter is apparent from the very beginning, lending a quiet solemnity to the fragrance. The woody-smoky base features Himalayan cedar and one of the most appealing and instantly gratifying combinations in all of perfumery: birch tar and vanilla. Three days before the fragrance's release, Bruno posted an entry on his blog in which he details the creation of Feu Secret. You can click here to read the article.

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Feu Secret • Bruno Fazzolari