Péng Lái • Berdoues: Grands Crus

Péng Lái • Berdoues: Grands Crus

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House  Berdoues: Grands Crus
Released  2018
Perfumer  Sebastien Matin
Fragrance Family  Floral : Fresh : Citrus Fruity
Notes  Chinese osmanthus, tonka bean, Laotian benzoin

Description  Named for the legendary land of Chinese mythology, Péng Lái is a delicately fruity osmanthus composition that smells at once vibrant and subdued. The combination of the apricot-like fruitiness of the osmanthus and the warm, resinous vanilla-like aroma of benzoin produces an interesting effect: a delicate, almost edible warmth that radiates off the skin. The tonka bean reinforces the warmth of the benzoin and augments the hay-like nuances of the osmanthus. Sparkling and effervescent, Péng Lái is the perfect choice for a spring fragrance.

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1 ml eau de parfum sample

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Péng Lái • Berdoues: Grands Crus

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