Arz el-Rab • Berdoues: Grands Crus

Arz el-Rab • Berdoues: Grands Crus

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House  Berdoues: Grands Crus
Released  2015
Perfumer  Cyrill Rolland
Fragrance Family  Dry Woods : Classical
Notes  Chinese ginger, Moroccan orris, Virginia cedar

Description  Like all the Grands Crus fragrances, Arz el-Rab is inspired by a particular geographic location. This time it's Lebanon, a small nation located on the Mediterranean well-known for its beautiful cedar trees. Cedar is so central to the cultural identity of the Lebanese that it is featured on their flag. It should be no surprise then that this fragrance features a whole lot of quality cedar. The central note is paired with a lovely, earthy orris root and given a bit of sparkle by the addition of zesty ginger. If you're on the hunt for a beautiful, no-frills cedar scent check out Arz el-Rab!

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Arz el-Rab • Berdoues: Grands Crus