Palissandre d'Or • Aedes de Venustas
Aedes de Venustas

Palissandre d'Or • Aedes de Venustas

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House  Aedes de Venustas
Released  2015
Perfumer  Alberto Morillas
Fragrance Family  Woods
Notes  Ambrette seed, pink pepper, nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, sandalwood, copahu balm, cedar, patchouli, Ambroxan

Description  A smoldering palette of burnt sienna, lacquered red and molten gold. Abstract yet intensely evocative, Palissandre d’Or expresses the quintessence of Alberto Morillas’ style, defined by the master in three words: “Fluidity, transparency and power”.

In this dazzling olfactory marquetry, crystal-clear ambrette—a natural musk with rose, pear and iris facets—brightens rich inlays of cool spices: pink pepper, coriander and nutmeg. Then, as the torrid heat of cinnamon rises, the scent opens up its heart to deliver its secret: a rare sandalwood extract from Sri Lanka. Subtly smoky, rose-tinged and creamy—it is made more luscious still by the milky warmth of copahu balm and a silken patchouli extract. 

A bold trio of cedar essences add structure and texture to the lustrous blend. Clean, bracing Virginian cedar gives it vigor and tempo. The Lapsang Souchong tea facet of Chinese cedar and the Russian leather smokiness of Alaskan cedar—another rare new extract showcased by Alberto Morillas—carve burnished patterns into the fine-grained wood. The scent of Ambroxan, an intriguing fusion of warm, clean bark and sun-kissed skin, tattoos the delicate motifs onto the body. Serene and mystical, Palissandre d’Or is a journey into the quintessence of wood.

The bronze travel spray includes one 10 ml eau de parfum.

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Palissandre d'Or • Aedes de Venustas
Palissandre d'Or • Aedes de Venustas