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The Icons of Perfumery

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This month we are doing something a bit different. As you all know, our focus at Fumerie is contemporary niche fragrances, but we will always have a place in our hearts for what perfume collectors refer to affectionately as vintage fragrances. The term isn't perfect but it loosely refers to fragrances before the flood—that is, the classic fragrances released prior to the late-1990s that shaped the perfume industry. A time before regulations and rampant allergy concerns. A time when the perfumers dictated what would be released. A time before focus groups and market testing.

For this event, Tracy and I will be choosing some of our favorite vintage fragrances. We will talk briefly about each fragrance—a bit about its history, its ingredients and any other pertinent information. Most importantly, though, we will share these wonderful scents with all of you. This is a great opportunity to try the original (or, at least, vintage) formulations of some iconic fragrances including Millot's long-discontinued Crêpe de Chine and Rochas' highly sought-after Byzance.

As always, we would like this to be a collaborative effort and so we are inviting attendees to bring their favorite vintage fragrances. If you would like your favorite vintage fragrance to be incorporated into the event, simply enter the name of the fragrance you would like to bring when you sign up (no more than one fragrance per attendee please). Keep in mind that we will need to spray or dip a few test strips with the fragrance you bring but it isn't going to be a free-for-all and we aren't going to let anyone pass around or spray your fragrance (without your permission, of course) and you won't be expected to offer up samples. You are not required to bring a fragrance in order to attend this event. This is just an opportunity to share/learn more about your favorite vintage fragrances.

This event is scheduled for May 25, 2017. If you are interested in attending, you can sign up below. This event is free and open to the public.

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