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Chypres & Fougères

Chypres and fougères: two of the oldest and, paradoxically, least understood fragrance families.

The chypre family has its roots in antiquity and the fougère family dates back to the Victorian era. The two families are united not only by their use of oakmoss but also by their highly-adaptable structures. The versatility of chypres and fougères has led to a dizzying variety of sub-families including fruity chypres like Guerlain's Mitsouko and Rochas Femme and aromatic fougères like Azzaro Pour Homme and Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche.

These days chypres have become a bit of an endangered species and fougères have strayed away from their original structure. As a result, very few of us are familiar with the aroma of a classic chypre or a classic fougère—this event will seek to change that.

We will be examining the essential components of both the chypre family and the fougère family. Event attendees will have the opportunity to experience the key raw materials used in chypres and fougères. We will also examine classic examples of both families in the form of vintage fragrances.

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