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Perfume & Sexism

Barbara Herman writes "As a medium that addresses our often-maligned sense of smell, perfume is an inherently subversive art that has a rare opportunity to 'speak' to us in its visceral language of aromatic notes. Yet sexism clearly contributes to perfume's low status in our culture. In spite of the growing market for men's scents, perfume is still considered a feminine art, a woman's accessory, and, sadly, we still live in a culture in which that audience alone discredits it."

This event will attempt to grapple with these issues while examining the history of perfume. We will discuss the ways in which sexism has influenced our perception of perfumery, the sexist language commonly used to describe fragrances (eg. old lady scents), masculinity and perfumes, and the ongoing difficulties faced by female perfumers in an industry that continues to be dominated by men.

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